Marvin was a groundbreaker. Players of my era and the player of today should appreciate the benefits that resulted from Marvin's leadership. He had a great way of communicating and relating the issues to us. I was proud to be one of the players that sat alongside him.

   -- Joe Torre, MLB executive vice president of baseball operations and former MLB player
Most of all I think of Marvin as being a great teacher. He could explain things to people to make them understand without insulting them. He was a terrific leader of men.

   -- Dick Moss, Former MLBPA general counsel
There are reasons why the sport has grown in the enormous way it has. But chief among them is the competition for players among franchises that has been fostered by free agency. Free agency is the greatest contribution to the success of baseball, far more than any other technique or invention, rule, discovery, whatever you want to call it. And Marvin is the man who understood that and dedicated his working life to achieving that.

   -- Gene Orza, former MLBPA chief operating officer
You can't really talk about the history of sports, the business of sports over the last 50 years without talking about the influence of Marvin.

   -- Michael Weiner, MLBPA executive director

Marvin at about age 3, with his parents, Alexander and Gertrude Marvin's father, Alexander, and wife, Theresa Marvin Miller and son Peter, with Pittsburgh steel mills as backdrop (circa 1954)

Letter to Marvin Miller from Buzzie Buvasi regarding
the Hall of Fame, dated Jan. 13, 2001
Letter from Robin Roberts for Marvin Miller's
90th Birthday celebration, April 14, 2007

Reggie usual. Marvin usual.

Marvin spoke softly and carried a big bat.